FMEAs (Failure Mode Effect Analysis) and Jump-Starting Layered Process Audits

a Culture of Excellence webinar

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FMEAs (failure mode effective analysis), when effective, can help your product (and people) be safer, ensure that goals are met, reduce costs and time to produce products, meet regulatory and customer specific requirements (CSR), and increase customer satisfaction. 

During this 1-hour webinar with Ali Rizwan, Director of Quality at Continental, we will walk you through: 

  • What are FMEAs, and when do we do them?
  • The types and components of FMEAs
  • Roadblocks for effective FMEAs
  • Using FEMAs to develop your layered process audits (LPAs)
  • Using LPAs to ensure FMEAs are being followed

Ali Rizwan is the current Quality Director for Continental for over 11 years, will be sharing his secrets on effective FMEAs and LPAs . has been a regular speaker for Beacon Quality's "Culture of Excellence" webinar series.